Friday Favorites

Hey loves. Happy Friday. As you are reading this we are already on the road if not at our first stop to Lake Norman North Carolina on our way to the beach in South Carolina. Is it a vacation or a trip when traveling with 3 kids? Say a prayer that my two youngest don't get car sick this time. We have about 8 hours today and 4 hours tomorrow. Be sure to check out my Instagram as I will be sharing a lot of our trip on there too. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

These two have been playing together a lot and still fighting a lot too. 

~ TWO ~

Ella had her last soccer game of the season. Her team finished undefeated. I am proud of her for trying a new sport and still being a team player and playing even though she wanted to quit. It was unorganized and not what she expected. Now Austin says he wants to try soccer in the fall.


Brian's sister was in town and Anna took a liking to her. I love that Anna is opening up to people. 

~ FOUR ~

We went to our city's outdoor mall for a Block party that had meet the truck. Austin sat in a dumpster truck and looked around an ambulance. It was a fun event. 

~ FIVE ~

We celebrated Brian's dad turning 90. Austin is being funny trying to steal the cake.

~ SIX ~

My mom came over to watch my kids for a few hours while I got some last minute odds and ends done for vacation. When she went to leave Ella and Anna laid blocking the door. I use to do this when I was younger. 

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