August Intentions

 Hey loves. We are over here enjoying our last few weeks of summer. The first two months were very no schedule, no alarm, no planning. That has already changed this month. My kids have to be up by 8am (Ella is a struggle) and get certain things done, but a chore each day. I am waking up, having a mindset morning, workout, to do list, etc. We are only a few days in and I am already starting to mentally and physically feel better. Sometimes we just thrive better on a schedule and consistency. 

New month means new goals. Let's take a look back at July Goals


  • read 5 books- yes
  • read 1 personal development- started but not finished
  • get back into mindset morning (even if not in the morning)- yes
  • have a girls date- no
  • complete bodi 3 week challenge, 5 days a week- no


  • celebrate Anna's birthday- yes
  • celebrate Austin's birthday- yes
  • celebrate 4th of July- no
  • host Austin and Anna birthday party- yes
  • go on a date with Brian- yes
  • plan a playdate- no
  • check more items off summer bucket list- yes
  • teach Austin to ride bike without training wheels- no
  • family game night- no
  • family movie night- yes
  • go out to breakfast or dinner- no
  • get outside as much as possible- yes


  • start looking for a desk for Austin's room- looking haven't found one we like
  • start purging basement- no
  • sell toys in basement- no
  • make room in basement for MYX bike- kinda not where i want it though
1000 hours outside- 
  • June 108 
  • July 106
  • Total= 214
Apple rings closed- 
Move goal 450cal  hit 24 days
Exercise goal 30 minutes hit 13 days
Stand goal 12 hours hit 231 days

August is here. I want to enjoy the last few weeks of summer with my kids and get back into a routine and get some things done around the house. Here are my August goals


  • read 5 books
  • read 1 personal development book
  • step out of my comfort zone and attend a live BB event again
  • start new Annie F Downs devotional series with group
  • complete 4 week program


  • family game night
  • family movie night
  • go on 4 family walks
  • take kids to daytime summer movie at the theatre
  • back to school shopping
  • get ready for back to school
  • go through kids clothes
  • get ice cream
  • go on 4 adventures with the kids
  • Mother daughter date
  • Brian and I date
  • take Ella for seafood


  • start purging/selling toys in basement
  • finish trim in mud room/bathroom
  • organize utility cleaning closet


  • put up  3 digital items
  • put up 1 tangible item

Health and Wellness

  • Help 3 women
  • rank advance
What are your goals for August?

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