Staying Organized- Family Calendars

 Hey loves. My kids go back to school tomorrow. I don't know who is more excited them or me. Along with going back to school is a crazy schedule. Three kids at three different schools with different schedules, plus sports, PTA, and everything else. I need to be organized. I am a pen to paper girl, but we also keep a digital calendar that Brian and I share with everyone's schedules. I am loving my Happy Planner. I had one a few years ago then got away from it and bought other planners and always end up going back to the Happy Planner. Plus they have released Disney editions. 

Paper Planner

My paper planner is always in my office or if I take my laptop to work somewhere I throw my planner in my bag. (hence while I also need a digital planner when on the go)

The Mickey and Minnie "Its a good day to have a good day" is available on Amazon, but is  currently unavailable on the Happy Planner website. There are plenty of other calendars to pick from and they are currently on sale on the Happy Planner website. (not an affiliate) Oh I also like a school year calendar, this one goes from June to July. 

I am liking the vertical layout that has 3 sections. The top I write out my 10 things of the day. Right now they are the same thing everyday, and elaborate on them in needed further 10 things are:

  • mindset morning (devotional, journal, prayer)
  • workout 
  • check in with virtual fit community
  • blog post
  • social media post
  • daily cleaning
  • personal development
  • Engage on social media
  • connect with my fit leaders
  • family time
 I try to color coordinate but it has been a learning curve. I also write down the daily house cleaning, any thing i need to do/go, etc.

The monthly view starts off color coordinated for each person, added stickers to make it more fun and make certain days stand out. If I don't have that colored pen when I need it I will just write it and add a colored sticker dot later. On the monthly view is everyone's schedules, appointments, when Ella goes to her dads, sports etc. This is the same thing I put in our digital calendar. 

Digital Planner 

Brian and I share google calendar. It is linked to our e-mails which is nice that it automatically adds Brian's appointments to the calendar. We can see what each other have going on and I can make note if I need Brian home for something. 

I also love that you can set reminders that tell you of upcoming appointments. We both have iphones that have the quick access to our calendars. Recently I also connected our Amazon Alexa's to our calendars. I can ask Alexa what is on our schedule today or to add an item to our calendar. 

Family Calendar

In the kitchen we have a command station with a Dry Erase calendar. This calendar only has the kids events on it including the days Ella goes to her dads and sports. Also any big events like a family cookout.

How do you stay organized? are you a digital or paper planner?

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  1. We have a couple of weeks before my girl is back at school but I do love to stay organised with my calendar especially now that my eldest is working full time. I need to know when we're all home.
    I like a paper planner but it's easy to keep the kids informed with a digital one.

    1. its crazy how all over the place back to school is.


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