Happy Birthday Brian

 Hey loves. Happy Thursday and Happy 35th Birthday to Brian. 

I hate to say that I don't have any pictures of just him. And rarely have pictures of all of us too. But here we are last weekend at the Cleveland Monsters Hockey game. 

Brian has a caring/giving heart. He will drop everything to help someone else. My parents needed a step build to help them get in and out of the house. He took it upon himself to make an awesome step and connected it to the deck so you didn't step up and down. 

Gosh we were so young. When I only had Ella, Brian and I went to a lot of country concerts. 

We got to go to an Ohio State game, where they won and had a blast of a weekend away from kids. 

Date night at the beach. Brian has had an amazing year in Real Estate and always seems to be busy. He also has a bunch of projects going on at home we take the time we get together. 

Brian has become the coach dad for Austin. He has coached football, baseball, and now basketball. 

Date night at the ocean. 

Happy Birthday Brian. He is getting his favorite meatloaf and mash potatoes for dinner tonight. He wants a pie for dessert. We are having a kids free night tomorrow (fingers crossed) 

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