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 Hey loves. Life seems to finally be getting back to some normalcy and routines. Here's a recap...

Monday January 23

A beautiful snowy morning with a walk to the bus stop. Ella has to be to the bus stop when it is still dark out and we can't see her stop from our house so I walk her to the bus stop every morning. This also gives us a few minutes of one on one time, and I get about 12 minutes of fresh air every school day. 

It really was a beautiful winter walk. The snow on the trees were gorgeous.

My to do list for the day. Trying to get back into the habit of writing down what needs to get done, with a few wants. 

All the kids were at school and I went grocery shopping. We are trying to save money and not spend the extra $10-20 doing grocery pick-up, eating from our fridge and pantry first, and sticking to the list. I also recorded a new youtube video with my grocery haul

Monday afternoons are now crazy with kids schedules. Ella has a baking class at the school until 530 and Austin and Brian have basketball that starts at 530. To eat dinner as a family wouldn't be until after 7 which isn't ideal. My goal is to make a crockpot meal that we can grab when we want, or something that I can keep warm in the crockpot. Ella picked potato soup, which I did a healthier version and everyone loved it. (everyone but Anna but she is another story) 

Ella had her first baking class, which is a range of kids from 1st to 5th grade. Their is no stove or oven to cook with so everything is microwavable or not cook. (we will see if this changed) She made oreo mug cake. 

I achieved everything but a workout. 

Tuesday January 24

Tuesday's are normally slow relaxing days at home. After the older two kids were off to school I relaxed with my morning stack and coffee. 

We didn't get to stay home all day like normal. Anna had an appointment with a pediatric dietician for her low weight, she was in less the 1% in July and November. Before this appointment Anna did have a bunch of blood work to make sure her levels were right, no thyroid issues, etc. She actually gained some weight and is now in the 4%. Meeting with the dietician we discussed what Anna does eat on a regular basis, what we feed her that she doesn't eat, and she gave realistic suggestions of how we can add more calories into her day. 

Anna was excited for snack when we got home. A cheese stick, apple, and peanut butter. She at everything but her peanut butter, but did eat a spoonful of my peanut butter. 

Anna always drinks some of my superfood shakes which has so many vitamin and nutrients in it. We have decided to give her some of her own shake and to her shake add in a tablespoon of heavy cream to add calories. She is loving it. 

After school fun in the snow. The snow may have been melting but they still had some fun playing in it. 

Austin played outside for a few minutes too.

Ella stayed outside the longest. She even made Anna a little snowman outside the back window. 

Wednesday January 25

Off to preschool. Anna was so happy it was snowing, not that is really stuck though. It just made the roads slushy. 

Anna's toy area of choice has been in the walkway from the living room to the kitchen playing with her doctor kit, make-up kit, and blocks. 

#WEareteambodi watch the instagram reel explaining a little about my why.

Thursday January 26

I took no photos this day. I didn't make a to do list. It was snowing. Anna wasn't feeling the greatest. We spent the day cuddling on the couch. 

Friday January 27

Busy morning. Got the kids all off to school. Then it was home for some me time. 

That really means I pressed play on my workout without any interruptions. 

Anna and her best friend, Sophia. At first Anna said she didn't want to go to school. Then I told her she was snack leader and that Sophia would be there and she was excited to go. 

Another day with no to do list. At least I didn't write it down. I did have a productive day getting things done. 

Saturday January 28

The morning started off with housework. Folding laundry, and cleaning. Ella's room has been a mess and she kept saying she would do it later. I got aggravated and started cleaning. I threw out clothes that had whole, made a bag to donate, a box to keep, went through hair stuff, etc. It wasn't what I originally planned for the day but it needed done. I didn't do her whole room, I did leave stuff for her to do but now it isn't so overwhelming. 

Austin had basketball practice then Brian had a listing appointment for work. 

While Brian was at work I got ready for another attempt at date night. (I also realized I really want bangs again and my hair is in a dire need of a cut)

Anna was excited to have a sleepover at Memaw's with Austin. Last weekend it didn't work out because she was the only one sleeping at Memaw's this weekend she had her brother. 

Austin was also excited for another sleepover. You would think he was going to be gone for more than one night with how this boy packs. He does bring his own blanket and pillow, clothes and some toys. 

We headed off to Crocker Park for date night. They had an ice festival going on that we didn't know about. The first ice sculpture we saw was a mermaid. Ella would have loved it. 

We did online check in for Yard House, while waiting we went to Pandora and did an exchange, then did some window shopping. I love this mirror, but there is no where in our house big enough for it. 

Supposedly there were 18 or 19 ice sculptures through the outdoor shopping mall. We may have saw 10.

We had appetizer of firecracker shrimp and I had a dragon fruit martini, Brian had a gin martini. With dinner we each also had a beer. (I had orange chicken)
We grabbed dessert from the Cheesecake factory to take home because they had an hour wait still. 

Anna did a lot better with her sleepover with her brother there. 

We ended the night with a fire and watching Shotgun Wedding with Jennifer Lopez. It was a fun rom-com. 

Sunday January 29

Anna woke up at 6am at my moms, and Austin woke up at 7. They had cereal and played for a while. 

No kids also means we go out to breakfast. Brian picked The original pancake house. He ordered a Dutch pancake, which was baked and has more egg in it than a traditional pancake. It wasn't bad. 

I ordered an omelet with spinach, feta, and sun dried tomatoes. It may not look that good but it tasted delicious.

After breakfast we went home and relax, and did some work. Brian had an appointment for work and I went and picked up the kids. 

While I was making dinner Anna fell asleep. She ended up sleeping from 630pm until 530 am. It was nice to have an evening to sit and read with Austin, put him to bed, then read myself and not fall asleep in Anna's bed. 

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