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Monday April 24 

The day has not gone as planned. Hanging out at home with Anna and her rash. She took an early nap and I headed downstairs for a quick workout. 

Ella requested Alfredo for dinner. I made homemade garlic Alfredo with chickpea pasta. I didn't tell my kids the pasta was chickpeas and they both asked for seconds. Anna is a picky but and doesn't eat anything again. 

Tuesday April 25

Anna and her rash at breakfast. 

They just come and go randomly. 

I have gotten into the habit after the older two are off to school and Brian goes to work I take the time and straightened up the house and kitchen. Now this doesn't include Anna's toys and the living room because she will be playing all day. But I empty and fill the dish washer, and straightened up the kids rooms (open blinds, turn off diffusers and lights) 

Anna got this hide and sneak mouse for Christmas. You hide the mouse and it makes the noise for you to look for it. I like it so much better than real hide and seek. 

Afternoon cuddles and nap time. I don't know where all these stuffed animals came from. 

We ordered Ella a box frame for her bed. I did not expect it to come in this small of a box. It is all metal and you put it together. It made a world of a difference on the firmness of the bed. 

Afternoon workouts are not my favorite but I got it done. 

Wednesday April 26

Morning cuddles, an early nap, and reading my devotion. 

I took Anna to her doctors appointment where the doctor confirmed what I had expected that Anna was having an allergy reaction to amoxicillin. We came home to dirt being delivered in our driveway. .It was suppose to be done in the morning, but didn't come until 2pm. Why does Brian also order dirt or mulch and it never fits on the tarp he puts down. Now I don't get to park in the garage until he spreads the dirt through the yard. 

Thursday April 27

It feels like forever since there has been a beautiful sunshine on the way home from picking up Ella from her dads. 

Austin had a career day week at school. One of the assignments was for a parent to take a stuffed animal to work with them and show how the Fab 4. Brian went above and beyond with Austin's turtle 

 I was baking bread. Anna requested I bring her toy kitchen into the kitchen so she could bake with play doh. 

Our neighbor came over to cut up some wood and take it back to his house, since we have so much. I go upstairs and come back and he drove in the backyard. The ground was hard and he didn't do any damage and was about to get the wood in one trip. 

It has been forever since I made burger bites. I made 1 pound for our family and we ate it all. Next time I will have to make more. 

Ella surprised me with putting a tent over her bed. She used string and duct tape and unfortunately it didn't stay up. She is now requested a canopy bed. 

Friday April 28

Just more rash. 

A low key Friday with Brian working late, cuddles, a nap, and not much excitement. 

Saturday April 29

Brian had a long day at work. My sister came over because she wanted her hair cut and colored. She came over and watched my kids while I ran to the store to buy the stuff to color her hair. 
The rest of the day was a low key family day. We got outside and played and Brian did some yard work. 

Sunday April 30

It has been a crazy few weeks and we haven't had our traditional pancakes for breakfast. Going to church early has thrown us off. We weren't going to church because Brian had to leave for work. We had pancakes with fruit. 

Laundry day aka fold all the laundry and watch the last episode of Love is Blind Season 4 reunion. Anna didn't want to be alone so she joined me and played with puzzles. I had to take breaks and help her with the puzzles. 

Anna took a nap and woke up not having leg pain and not able to walk. We cuddled, had dinner, then as we were preparing for bed she started screaming anytime we moved her leg. Like she didn't even want to put a pull up on to go to bed. That was the final straw that determined I needed to take her to the ER. When we got to the ER 

I picked the closest ER that normally isn't to busy. It was busy. There was at least 10 people ahead of us, not including any ambulances or life threatening emergency's that came in. We waited about 2 hours. Anna was so calm, stayed on my lap, and ended up falling asleep as it was past her bedtime. 

My mom also showed up to comfort me as I was a mess. We eventually got a bed in the hallway. There was only one chair so I sat on the bed with my sleeping princess. We waited about an hour before we even saw a doctor. 

The doctor requested blood labs, x-rays and an iv. First up was the x-ray. She did so well with holding still, even though she was in pain and I had to hold her legs in position. When we came back from the X-ray they said they were getting a room ready for us and that they would then hook her up to the iv. My thought was so they could close the door instead of everyone hearing her scream. 

It was an adventure of getting her blood work and iv. I held her down while two nurses had her arm. There was fighting and screaming and yelling. She said "dont touch me" "that hurts" "stop" "leave me alone" Everything that breaks a mother's heart and under other circumstances you would listen to her when she says stop. 

She eventually calmed down and was watching Bluey on tv and watched my phone some. The room was freezing and she was bundled in 4 blankets. 

At 2 am the doctor came back with her results and everything was normal. They had some ideas of what it could be. They opted to give her some meds and come back and check on her in a little bit. She got meds at 230, at 330 them came back and send they were going to send us home instead of transferring her to another hospital that had a peds department. We finally were home at 430 am. 

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