Elf on the Shelf 2023 Week 1

 Hey loves. Gus Gus our Elf on the Shelf is back for another year of fun. Each Saturday I will be recapping our week of adventures. 

** Disclaimer some parts of the post may not be safe for kids giving details of the magic of our Elf on the Shelf.

Gus Gus has been in our family for 12 years. Ella named him when she was just starting to talk. At the time she was obsessed with Cinderella, where one of the mice name is Gus. My kids get so excited every morning when they wake up and get to search for where he is that day. This year my kids started asking back in October when Gus Gus was going to arrive. Their excitement and sparkle in their eyes makes the craziness of the season worth it. 

Depending on the year depends on when our Elf arrived. It is usually either on Thanksgiving or Black Friday. It switches back and forth depending on when I have my oldest daughter. Gus Gus has been very understanding and comes hosts his North Pole Breakfast on a morning that Ella is with us and not at her dads. 

This year I decided to get some help with adventures of Gus Gus. I bought last years box on sale from The Elf Kit co. There are so many cute ideas. The plan is to mix originals and the kit. (not sponsored) 

*Mom and Dad have special powers in our house to move GusGus to a safe location after the kids have found him. That way they can still play with their toys that Gus Gus was playing with. This year we are moving him to the top of the mantel. 

Day 1 and North Pole Breakfast Thursday November 23

Gus Gus our elf on the shelf arrived on Thanksgiving morning with his special North Pole Breakfast. 

Powered donuts with chocolate chip eyes turned into snowmen are the kids favorite. They also fought over the strawberry and banana candy cane, good thing Gus Gus left more in the fridge. 

Hot chocolate bombs, were an opps that the kids thought were just chocolate and just ate. They loved the marshmallow surprise in the middle. 
We keep our North Pole breakfast simple to what the kids will eat. The plan was originally to make pumpkin pancakes after the kids all woke up, but my sister in law surprised us with donuts from a local bakery. Other years we will do sausage gravy or eggs. It depends what the plans for the day is also. 

This years gift were cute rubber duckies and squishes. (Target Dollar Spot)

This years welcome letter is from the Elf Kit

Day 2 Friday November 24

Gus Gus is hanging around in our fall tree in the foyer. He didn't plan well as it was the day to decorate for Christmas and all the fall came down. Lucky mom has super powers to be able to move him. His temporary landing spot is on the desk with his metal Christmas tree. 

Day 3 Saturday November 25

Gus Gus representing, we won't talk about the game. 

Day 4 Sunday November 26

Gus Gus is hanging out in the liquor cabinet. 

Day 5 Monday November 27

Where's Gus Gus, can you find him in the pile of stuffed animals. 

Day 6 Tuesday November 28

Gus Gus must have gotten stuck in the pile of stuffed animals that he didn't move overnight. While the kids were at school I helped him climb out and he planned a fun game for them to play after school. The small snowball and sign came from the Elf Kit. The big basket of snowballs I bought at a thrift store. He is standing up with a doll stand

Day 7 Wednesday November 29

Gus Gus is just lounging around in my Mickey Mouse head ornament light. (light was from Lowe's last year, it isn't on their website this year and I haven't been in the store to see if they have it again. 

Day 8 Thursday November 30

Let's fly some airplanes. My kids love making and flying airplanes right now. Stand is from a craft from Dollar Tree. Sign and paper airplanes from Elf Kit

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