Weekend Wrap Up

 Hey loves. Happy Tuesday. How was your weekend? We had a busy fun weekend with a date night, some Christmas shopping, and two of my kids getting baptized. Lets recap...


Yes Thursday is not part of the weekend but I wanted to share this and have it saved with dates for my own personal reasons. 

Thursday November 30th Brian and I got baptized at our church in a private ceremony with my three kids, our Pastor Charlie and God present in the ceremony. 


My kids were so excited for the start of advent calendars. I don't know it they are liking the candy more or 

Reading a different Disney story every day after school. 

We have some very happy deer. The past two weeks they have gotten pumpkins every few days. They are going to be sad when they are all gone. We only have two left. 

Friday night Brian and I went out to dinner with his business partner and his wife. I had this delicious chocolate martini. These glasses remind me of light bulbs. 


It was parents day out at church. I had signed up all three kids to attend, but Ella changed her mind and didn't want to go. Instead Ella and I had a mother day morning and did some Christmas shopping. First stop after dropping off Anna and Austin was Starbucks.

There are two Starbucks right across the street from each other, one stand alone store and one inside the grocery store. The stand alone store drive through line was wrapped around the building and out into the road. I decided to park and go into the grocery store location. On our way out there was a Salvation Army Bell ringer. We were walking away and sell called me over. She recognized me. It was my 9th grade math teacher. That was 25 years ago (gosh that makes me feel old) She was only my teacher from September until December when I got injured in school and had to be homeschooled through tutoring. I was surprised she recognized me. Ella said it was weird to run into a teacher outside of school. 

We ended up at Crocker Park to do some shopping, and met Brian for lunch for pizza. 

Brian had been at Crocker Park. His work was one of the main sponsors for a children's event they were having. 

The rest of Saturday was low key. We were cleaning and straightening up the house for the next day and gave the kids baths. 


Sunday Audrianna and Austin got baptized at our church. Our sponsor who invited us to the church and is encouraged to help us was also up front. Both my kids were very shy. 

We were all so welcomed by the members into the church and with the kids baptism. My dad, sister, niece, Brian's mom and aunt attended the church service with us also. 

After church and Sunday school we invited those who attended the service over to our house for a little brunch. We had muffins, sausage, bread, and egg casserole. 

We ended up at our neighbors house for dinner and watching the Browns game. Anna made herself nice and comfortable like she was going to take a nap, but didnt. 

It was a busy but wonderful weekend. 

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