April Current Intentions

 Hey friends. Happy March. This month is already going so much smoother than the last two. The weather has been gorgeous, we have had so many play dates, getting into healthy routines, and being intentional with my time. Lets jump in with my intentions for March, then looking back at February and 2024 goals. 

But first I usually linking up with Jennifer over at Overflowing with Thankfulness for currently. 


Sign of spring. These flowers are in my parents backyard. Our neighbors also have their flowers blooming too. 

Looking Forward to

The Eclipse to be over, I'm over the hype and stress it is causing. I am excited to experience it with my kids but still the worry and risk that comes with it. 


Food, I am working on my grocery list and menu for the rest of this week, this weekend, and next week. 


Nothing currently. It is still cold here. 


I am joining a few Spring cleaning challenges that start next week. I am ready to clean and purge this house. 

April Intentions


  • date night with Brian
  • one on one time with Ella
  • girlfriend time
  • continue working out 4 to 5 days a week
  • get a haircut
  • color my hair
  • movie night
  • game night
  • do something fun for Spring break
  • watch the Eclipse
  • plan family vacation
  • eat outside 3x
  • go on a family walk
Home Life
  • make spring cleaning list
  • start spring cleaning
  • purge Austin's room
  • sell/donate items purged
  • wash my car

Look Back at 2024 goals

  • Start budgeting and saving, save $1000 by end of the year In February I ...
    • cancelled MAX 
    • cancelled Instagram subscriptions
    • cancelled Patreon membership
    • put Billie razor account on hold until I need more razors
    • making bagels, English muffins, waffles at home 
    • cancelled The Ladies Edge workouts even though I loved them
    • cancelled Frndly Tv App
  • Go on monthly date nights with Brian
    • had one in March
  • Learn to make homemade chicken and veggie broth that is good
    • made chicken broth
  • Read Bible in one year with Bible Recap and using the study guide
    • doing good with reading the bible and listening to the recap, the study guide has been put on the back burner for the time being. 
  • Connect with more local moms
    • nothing new in March
  • Declutter one item each day 
    • failed
  • Replace 2 items each month with less toxic options
    • Exceed Tooth Polish (toothpaste) - January
    • Disinfectant that doesn't contain bleach - January
    • Sei Bella Honey and Rose Soothing Foam Cleanser- February
    • Affinia Shampoo & Conditioner- February
    • Dishwasher Rinse aid- March
    • Renew body wash- March
  • Workout at least 3x a week 
    • March overall has went well. I started a 4 week program that is 5 days a week and it has went great. 
  • Eat less crap that makes me feel like crap, more protein, water, and veggies
    • yes
Look Back at March Intentions


  • date night with Brian- yes
  • one on one time with Ella- yes
  • girlfriend time- yes


  • mindset morning (bible, bible recap, journal, question a day, journal, gratitude)- yes
  • drink 80 oz a day- yes
  • workout 4 days a week- yes
  • get haircut- no
  • color hair- no
  • fill nails- yes
  • read 10 books- yes
  • go through photos each day on phone- no


  • plan family vacation 2024- no
  • family movie night- no
  • family game night- no
  • eat outside 2x- yes

Home Life

  • organize games and get rid of any with missing pieces- no
  • purge 93 items- no
  • declutter challenge (Simplified challenge from January)- started but never finished
  • finish office remodel- yes

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  1. Those subscriptions and memberships really add up. I recognize some of your less toxic options, I use Melaleuca as well.

    1. all the random subscriptions really do add up quick


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