Last zoo day

This past Sunday we had a girls and babies day at the zoo. Minus the little rain at the beginning it turned out to be a great day. My sister, and two of my best friends along with my niece, my one girlfriends daughter, my other girlfriends two cousins, my daughter and myself had a blast. This is a tradition we want to do every year. Possibly going to different zoo's each year.
We arrived at the zoo before the gates were even open and got real close parking. I already had free tickets for my sister and myself from winning a contest on Facebook. The lines were real short to trade in the tickets and get the tickets for the kids (they were free). The Cleveland Zoo also includes the rainforest. We had decided to do the Rainforest first.
Throughout the zoo there was painted elephants. Ella wanted to touch every one of them. They are there since the zoo got the new Elephant crossing this year. 

 Ella was in love with this monkey. I had to drag her away from him. She was just so happy playing with his nose and poking him in the eyes. I think it had something to do with him being her size.
After we ate lunch we decided to go to the Primates and Aquarium up at the top of the hill. Elle feel asleep while walking up there and slept the whole time we were talking through the exhibit. She woke up when we were finished so we rode the tram back down.

Here is all of us. Still all smiley at the end of the day. 

I can't wait to go again next year.


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