2013 Goals

Its a new year, time for some new year goals for myself. I didn't keep up with any of the goals I made last year. Last year was a lot of different life changes, some very unexpected. This year I am moving on from those changes, and making my life better for myself and Aubriella.
My goals are in no particular order. There are a bunch, some little changes, other big changes. I could probably come up with more, but this is good for now.
- Open up 2 saving account. One for myself for an emergency fund and the other one for Aubriella.
- Continue eating healthy, going to the gym, limiting my fast food spending ... more on all this later.
- Read more. My goal is to read 1 book a month. Last year I read the "50 Shades of Grey" series and loved it. I want to get back into doing something I enjoy.
- Spend more time with my friends. I don't see them as often as I would like to.
- Start using coupons. Time to learn to be frugal and buying more needs and less wants.
- Track my spending. I know last year I spent a lot of money eating out and on stupid stuff. Time to budget and save.
- Floss, take my birth control, and multi-vitamin daily.
- One a very personal side get my divorce finalized and get a place of my own.

Lastly Aubriella's goal: To kick the bottle. She is 15 months and still stuck on drinking milk from a bottle. Whenever she see's Claudia drinking one she wants one too. Luckily Claudia is almost a year. They are gonna kick it at the same time if my sister likes it or not.

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