New Month New Start

Its already April 1st. Where has the year gone? Back in February I decided to buy a new workout video, Slim in 6. I had borrowed it years ago from a friend and feel in love. At that time I wasn't ready to put forth the money to buy it. I made the commitment to myself that I want to get back in shape.

That was over a month ago and I haven't stuck to my commitment. I occasionally will do the video. I have although started eating clean. I limit my eating out and fast food. In the past month alone I have only had fast food once. I do however eat out once a week but I am still watching what I eat.
Now that it is a new month I am going to make some new realistic goals for myself. I am going to make myself accountable for a healthier lifestyle, to become in shape for myself and my daughter, I be comfortable in my own skin... I could keep going on what changes I want to make for myself.
I am going to start small and work my way up. I know I can't just expect myself to do it all at once. I know myself well enough that I will not do it.
Here are my goals for April:
- Exercise at least 4 days a week for 30 minutes a day
- Only 1 fast food trip

Personal Fitness Goals:
- Lose 5 pounds with an incentive of a new work out tank
- Fit in size 5 shorts with an incentive of new shoes

Now on a more fun personal level. For it being the first day in April it started off with a bang in the weather. I also had off which was a major plus. I started off the day by doing some cleaning around the house. After lunch I decided to take Ella to the park. She had a blast. She kept going down the slide and made a little boyfriend. I can't wait for more warm days to go outside and spend it with Ella.

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