Crushers game

One of the mini benefits of working for Dunkin Donuts is the free tickets we get to different sporting events. The location I work at is one of the main sponsors for the local baseball team, the Lake Erie Crushers. Every year we get so many nights to use one of the suites. It is always a fun night out with the Dunkin family. 

Last night we got together and enjoyed a fun night at the game. We may have not won but still enjoyed ourselves. Thursday nights are also dollar drink night which makes it nice that we are not going broke buying drinks. 

I really like going to the local crushers games cause you are so close to the field. You know what that means I can actually see the ball. I enjoy going to Indian's games also but it is not the same. I always seem to be trying to find where the ball is. At the crushers game you can find it without any problem. Then there is also the added bonus that I get to spend the evening with my wonderful boyfriend also. Guess you could say that is also one of the perks of working at Dunkin and dating your boss.

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