Boo at the Zoo

This year we decided to start another new tradition. Well atleast try something new and see how it went. Since we are zoo members and the girls love going we decided to go to Boo at the Zoo at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Being zoo members got you discounted tickets.

I had heard good things and bad things about Boo at the Zoo. Some people love it, others hate, some say its a waste of money ... You get my drift. When we went and had so much fun I was a little shocked. There was so much to do that we didn't have enough time to do everything. Some of the activities they had was a balloon show, puppet show, glow show, magician, hay maze, ....
Ella decided she wanted to be a bunny. I was totally fine with since it was a little chilly outside and I knew I could dress her warm in bunny ears and I had Easter bunny ears from last year so I didn't have to go buy a costume.

My sister bought Claudia a Doc McStuffins outfit to wear. (she also got her a bumble bee outfit to wear trick or treating)

Through out the zoo there was Halloween decorations, pumpkins, lights, different activities, It was nice that nothing was scary. Ella did scream at a spider light shining
 on a bridge. 

One of Ella's favorite things is trains. At the zoo they have a train that you normally have to pay to ride that takes you around a little part of the park. During Boo at the Zoo it was free so we let the girls ride it. We ended up standing in line to ridge it for 40 minutes. Next year we may skip this part since I have no problem paying to ride it normally and it would give us more time to do other activities. 

Family picture, per say with Aubriella, my boyfriend Brian and myself.

New obsession shadow pictures. 

Does your local zoo do anything for Halloween?

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