When its quite

A mother always knows that something is up when its to quite in the house. In my house it never is quite with two little girls who are screaming toddlers running amuck. Well that is unless no one is home, the girls are sleeping, or they are up to no good. Being up to no good was the case the other night with Aubriella.
One minute she was in the living room with me and we were playing with her little Mermaid doll head, the next minute she was gone and it was quite. After a few minutes I got up and went looking for her. I found her in the kitchen in the spice rack draw. With the evidence in her hand and on her face she was catch red handed eating sprinkles out of the container.

Who knew that she would find the sprinkles, know what they are, and have a love for eating them. Since then they are not put up in the spice cupboard and out of her reach. Hopefully she doesn't try to eat any other spices. 

Did your kids have an obsession with sprinkles ever?

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