Keep me accountable

Back in February I bought the Slim in 6 series from Beachbody and lost about 6 pounds. Then in April I signed up to be a Beachbody coach and bought the 21 Day Fix Challenge pack with Shakeology and lost about 6 pounds again. For the past few months I have been majorly slacking. Exercise what it that? It is completely unheard of. Eating healthy and clean, that means stopping at Burger King all the time right, wrong. I just have no motivation to do anything.
I am not doing well at being a coach. I am not being a good role model for my daughter and others. I need to do better for myself. Somehow I need to do something to give me motivation and accountability again, especially with the holidays coming up.
Would anyone be interested in joining me in a 21 Day Fix accountability challenge starting in December?

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