Easier Said Than Done

The Dr. put me on modified bed rest almost 2 weeks ago in hopes of getting my contractions to slow down and to stop/slow down my dilation. That is so much easier said than done. Modified bed rest just means not being up and about for an extended period of time, relaxing, and not working. It doesn't mean I have to stay in bed, that would be horrible and would never happen. All of this is easier said then done especially when I have a 3 year old who wants all my attention and I could make a list a mile long that I would like to get done before Austin's arrival or just needs done in the house.

We are also currently potty training so I have to jump up whenever Aubriella says "Mom I have to pee." There is also the times when she has an accident and says "Mom I have a present for you" and says which room she left her mess in. Luckily that doesn't happen to often.

There is also all "Mom come play with me. Mom I want another bubbles. Mom I need help with finding Minnie.  Mom can you get me down my crayons. Mom let's do play doh" All of which I love to do. I am enjoying our quality alone time together with having my mom, sister, and niece around. But sometimes the mess I have to clean up afterwards is worse is more than I should be doing.
We just finished her outside play area (more on that another day) but I'm waiting for the every day "Mom lets go outside and play, Mom come in my house with me." Sorry mommy can't do everything she would love to do with you.
Then there is the issue with Aubriella wanting to eat or a drink, which seems like all the time right after I sit down. The fridge we have has the freezer on the bottom and the fridge on the top. Ella can't easily get anything out of the fridge unless it is on the door. It is nice that she isn't standing in the fridge for no reason which she did all the time at my parents house, but since she can't get anything out herself I have to get up more that I would like to.

The other huge reason I have with sitting and relaxing is we have just moved into this house about a month ago. There is so many boxes that still need gone thru and organized. Not to mention my storage unit is still not unpacked.

Austin's room also isn't completely ready and that stresses me out. Brian's family is throwing me a small baby shower on Sunday so hopefully after that I can get the rest of his room together and relax some more. Having the party here also leaves me with a bunch of cleaning and organizing I want to do. I don't want a bunch of people over my house and it looking my a tornado hit it in my eyes. Even if everyone else things my house looks nice.
Luckily being on the modified bed rest has helped some. I am almost at 36 weeks, which is our safe zone. I am up to 4cm dilated now though. The best part of all of this is the amount of one on one time I have had to share with Aubriella before Austin gets here. Ella was with her father over the weekend then she went camping with my parents for a few days so I did get some more relaxing done and didn't do to much around the house. Back to the waiting game of Austin's arrival.

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