Happy Fathers Day

 Happy Fathers Day to all the dad's, step dads, dads to be, grandpas. uncles, and mothers who have to be both mom and dad. Hope everyone had a relaxing day.
Here's to the best father a girl can ask for. He is always there when I need him and when I don't. If I need someone to talk to, need advice, or just need a shoulder to cry on. He has always supported me in everything I do. He may not agree with all my decisions but will back me up on anything and everything. I couldn't ask for a better dad.
For fathers day my sister and I got him a picnic table for the backyard. We actually got it before Mother's Day and gave it to both my parents as a joint gift. 
Happy Fathers Day to a dad to be and an amazing man who has chose to love and help take care of a child he didn't have to. Brian is going to be a great father. He is supportive, nervous, excited, and scared all while I am having a very eventful pregnancy. He's ready to have a son of his own, or atleast he thinks he is. 
Brian has also stepped up with Aubriella. He loves her like she was his own, and helps support her even though he doesn't have to. He is patient, supportive, encouraging, caring, hard working, gives us strength and so much more. I love watching him bond and play with Ella every day. Aubriella wishes he was home every morning to play with him, she asks for him as soon as she wakes up. What more could I ask for in a wonderful boyfriend.

For Fathers Day I got Brian a BBQ tool set for the grill. He picked it out himself so he would like it and since we recently just got a grill it was much needed. 

How was your Fathers Day? What did you get your father?

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