38 Weeks

Who would of thought I would still have a baby in my belly at 38 weeks. Surely not me. This kid is about to get an eviction notice. (No I will not be induced again if I have a say in it.) I'm getting to the miserable stage where I hurt all the time and I'm so done being pregnant. Austin on the other hand is in his glory still high up as can be.
Last Wednesday I went to the Dr. and found out I am now 5cm dilated. She did some wiggling around and said she wouldn't be surprised if I had Austin that night. I did end up in the hospital that evening with contractions 5 minutes apart but no change in dilation again. They were also really busy that night so I am kinda glad I didn't have Austin then. There was no room in either waiting room, all rooms were filled, and some people were having to deliver in the OR since no rooms were available.
Since Wednesday I have been having random painful contractions but nothing to consistent for a long enough time period. One of these days Austin will decide to make his appearance.
(ignore my 3 year olds messy room)

Time for some pregnancy highlights for this week.
How Far Along Are You: 38 weeks
Size of Baby according to the bump: Pumpkin
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 16 pounds
Maternity Clothes: lazy large clothes
Gender: Its a boy
Movement: All the time especially when you don't want him to. 
Sleep: I have good nights and bad nights
Cravings: chocolate, wings, deep fried pickles, root beer floats
Symptoms: contractions, pressure, movement, mucus plug keeps getting lost, lots of pain

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