Halloween Fair Carlisle

Saturday evening after going to Berea for trick or treating during the day we went to Lorain County Metroparks Halloween Fair at Carlisle Reservation. This is another tradition we try to do every year with the kids. It is a affordable family friendly Halloween event. 
The cost is only $2 per person, and Austin was free. It is only open on certain Friday and Saturday nights October. It is family friendly from 5-7 then is for adults after 7 for the haunted Halloween walk, which is similar to a haunted house. 
We arrived right when it opened at 5pm, to make sure we were able to get close parking and not have to be shuttled. This guaranteed that we would be able to get everything done during the family time frame. After 7pm many of the activities close. 
The first thing we did was get in line to ride either a green choo choo train or a hayride. We chose the hayride since the line was only 5 minutes compared to 20 minutes for the train, plus we rode the train last year. 

One thing I liked about the hayride, I was able to sit down without having to take my sleeping prince off my back. He was content there and it isn't the easiest to take him on and off.

Along the path there are a bunch of blow-ups, some plastic skeletons, and wooden Halloween carve outs. Here are a few of the blow-ups.

There is a great paved walking trail that they decorate and have haunted house stops along the way. As we were starting to walk down the walking trail my prince charming decided to wake up. This was the first time I had worn him on my back. He seemed to enjoy it, plus it didn't hurt my back and was very comfortable.

Along the walking trail there are pumpkins, which at night are lite up.

Plus this year they included a story along the way. Ella didn't want to read the story. 

Along the path there was a few photo opportunities. 

Plus haunted areas. At night for adults it is like a haunted house. I can't imagine how scary this really is at night.

Carlisle is known for the water field of carved pumpkins. They also get lite up at night. 

One of the last things along the train is a tunnel the spins. Ella and Brian went through it together as Austin and I walked around it. One of these years we keep saying we are going to come back without the kids and experience the adult walk in the dark with the "haunts"

Throughout the whole park there are different wooden carved photo opportunities. Ella just had to take pictures at all the ones we came across. 

There are other activies besides the train, hayride, and walking trail. There is also a balloon maker (which is free), face painting (at a minimal charge), a dj bubble dance party, typical fair food trucks, and different kids games that take tickets that cost money. We have always avoided the games since it has always been a long line. 
We had so much fun this year. Ella is already asking to come back. 

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