Mapleside Farms

Last weekend as a family we decided to check out a new "pumpkin patch" for some fall fun festivities. I have heard people say wonderful things about Mapleside Farms in Brunswich, Ohio for years, but never checked it out. After doing some research and realizing it wasn't that far away we decided to go out there. 
It was the day before Aubriella's birthday, two days after Austin had surgery so we had to contain him some, and weather was a gorgeous fall day. It turned out to be so much fun and we will surely be going back. 
Also the weekend we went was Hometown Heroes weekend. In honor of our police, firefighters, paramedics, miltary men and women & veterans, they had free admission to those members. Extra bonus Brian got in free for his service as a police officer. 
One of the features that Mapleside is know for is their Super Slide I believe it was over 300 feet. Brian and Aubriella rode the slide together and loved it. Aubriella wanted to ride it again, but didn't want to walk back up the hill. Austin and I chose not to ride it due to his surgery.

Throughout the farm there are two cornfields with mazes in them. Aubriella just had to play in them.

The one maze is designed for younger kids. Throughout the maze you are reading the story of Spookley the Square Pumpkin. I loved that they make it more fun with the story, but also made it easier not to get lost since you were following the story which was numbered.

The other corn maze is called Believeland, in honor of the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the 2016 NBA championship. Throughout this maze was 10 multiple choice questions. Whatever answer you thought was correct it told you to go either left or right. It was a really neat concept, but we still ended up getting lost. 

Different places on the farm were different play areas for the kids. Here is a twin slide that Aubriella wanted me to ride down with her. 

There is also a cow and a pig train ride. A tractor pulls little "cars" that are either shaped like pigs or cows around the apple fields. We got to ride on the cows. 

At the front of the farm is a huge place area. There is a wooden pirate ship playground, huge tractor tires for the kids to club up then slide down, a spiderweb rope net, and a jumping balloon pillow. Aubriella had so much fun playing. She didn't want to leave. 

Mapleside farms has so much to do. Not pictured with also did a petting zoo, duck races, tee pee, and kiddie corn maze. There was even more that we didn't do like the hay ride, the princess play, and pig races.
You also can't do fall festivities without the treats. We got apple cider, apple cider slushes, cinnamon sugar fresh donuts, and nachos. To go home with us we got apples and a local wine. 

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