ER Visit

Austin had his first ever visit to the Emergency Room last Wednesday before Thanksgivings. He likes to give mom a heart attack and not listen when you tell him so stay off the back of the chair. I was laying on the ground, due to be having back pain, looking the other way the next thing I know he I hear a thud and he is steaming. I pick him off the group and his lip is bleeding. When I get him into the bathroom and get a better look. I see he split it open. I gave him a wash cloth to suck on to help with the bleeding. I called Brian to come home and see if we needed to take him in. I also called my mom to see if she would be able to pick Ella up from school since she was out this way already.

Within no time both Brian and my mom where at my house taking a look at my little man. We all decided it was best to take him in to be looked at. The cut was pretty deep.

While at the hospital. He acted fine. The bleeding had stopped, unless he smiled and split it open again. He can fun walking back and forth in the room and stomping his feet. The door was also all glass and he was waving and flirting with everyone that walked by. 

You can't really tell from the picture but you can see it is a little swollen. By the time the doctor came in the room his cut was healing before our eyes. The doctor said it was looking good on its own. They normally don't do any stitches or gluing unless it crosses over to skin and not just lip. So we were good to go. She also recommended motrin to help with the swelling. 
By the next day he was looking so much better. Most people didn't even notice his swollen cut lip at Thanksgiving dinner. 

On Saturday night Austin was running around the house and tripped over his fathers foot. Ella screamed and started crying when she saw blood. He cut his top lip this time. Luckily it wasn't bad but it did cause more swelling. 
The kids had Christmas photos done yesterday. Hopefully it isn't to noticeable. 

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