Happy Halloween

Happy Belated Halloween. 
Aubriella's preschool let the kids dress up on Halloween. The only restriction was no weapons and no masks. (which not every parent listened to) Ella was allowed to pick whatever costume we had that she wanted to be. She chose to be Elsa. 
I achieved a not so pretty braid, but it stayed it. 

She asked if she could have make-up like Elsa and wanted purple eye shadow. I also added in some eyeliner (done but an eyeliner brush not a pencil), blush and lipstick. She was so happy and said she looked just like Elsa.

Ella also had to take her gloves that play music when you move your hands, her purse, and a microphone. I made her leave the microphone in her bookbag.

This year Ella only has 11 kids in her class. They were all dressed up and as something different. Parents were invited to come to pick up their kid 15 minutes early. The kids did a Halloween costume parade walk, then sang 5 small Halloween songs. Then the kids went trick or treating to get bags of candy. It was a cute idea and set up but unorganized. Ella ended up with 12 bags, 2 of which were what we brought in.

For dinner I made the kids quick mummy hot dogs. I should have sliced the crossants smaller to look more like a mummy, but we were on a time constraint for Ella's dad to get her from school. 

While the kids had hot dogs, I have a turkey burger with cheese, tomato, pickle and wrapped in lettuce. Brian had a bun instead of the lettuce wrap. 

Since we didn't have Ella for Halloween to take her trick or treating we decided to just hand out candy instead. My handsome little Mickey Mouse helped, well really he ate a sucker and ran around. Everyone thought he was cute. 

The strangest visitor we had was a black cat. I have never seen it walking around the neighborhood before. It was friendly and walked right up to us, let Brian pet it and wanted in the house. You could tell it was someone pet by his lack of fear of people and how soft his fur was. Not the normal visitor of choice. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. What did your kids dress us as?

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