He's Back- Elf Arrival Breakfast

Yesterday was an exciting morning in our house. While other families are excited for Black Friday and shopping, in our house it means the arrival of our Elf on the Shelf, Gus Gus. I have been doing it with Aubriella since she was a year. Some years haven't gone as planned, with forgetting to move him, and being a bonus to help her behave. But it is a tradition I love. This year I am all planned and ready to go with a calendar printer filled out where he will be moving to each morning.

On the morning of GusGus' arrival is a special breakfast from GusGus. He puts it all together before the kids wake up. This year was a little more low key since he has determined what the kids really will eat compared to what he wants to make. 

As well as bringing food he brings the same decorations from each year, and sometimes added some new ones. These hanging streamers have been used since the very beginning. We just have them to the light/fan above the table. 

This years breakfast consisted of powered donuts make to look like a snowman, a candy cane from banana's and strawberries, chocolate chips, marshmallows, green vanilla pudding, whip cream snow flakes with sprinkles and hot chocolate with whip cream and sprinkles. Plus a candy cane. 

As always Gus Gus brings his own Christmas tree, his book for us to read and reread when the kids are not behaving, and a special welcome note. A new edition this year is the countdown calendar. the calendar is just a simple 4x6 picture frame with a piece of paper decorated in it, and we use a dry erase marker to change the countdown number. 

Austin wasn't to thrilled with his strawberry for breakfast. He did however love everything else. Especially the powered donuts. 

Aubriella tried the green vanilla pudding. She was not a fan. She doesn't normally like vanilla anyways, but GusGus can't change chocolate pudding very well. She did love the powered donuts though. It is a nice treat to mix things up. 
Does your family have the tradition of an Elf on the Shelf? If so what did you family name him or her?

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