Time for a check-up

Last Friday Aubriella and Austin had their wellness appointments. It was nice to be able to coordinate Ella's 5 year appoint with Austin's 15 month appointment. It won't ever happen this way again due to their age difference. 
Aubriella was excited for her appointment and was very talkative. She kept saying that Austin was going to go first though. Austin on the other hard was not happy. Did not want sit down, this picture was before the doctor and nurse were even in the room. 

Aubriella got a pretty good report. We need to start her on a small daily dose of Miralax to help soften her poop plus limit her milk and yogurt intake, more whole grains such as quinoa, oatmeal, and barley, try flaxseed or chia seeds also. Hopefully this will stop this small little princess from clogging my toilet and having huge poop (sorry tmi) 
Height- 3'7''   50% percentiles
Weight 45lbs  75% percentiles
Ella got her flu shot and cried.

Austin for the first time had a great appointment. This is the first time weren't referred to another specialist for something. We are now allowed to introduce him to peanut butter. He also needs more protein in his diet, because he doesn't really like meat. 
Height- 2'6'' 45% percentile 
Weight- 22 lbs and 14 ozs 50% percentile 

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