January Play Date

First play date of the year was a success. Planning on doing at least one a month. It was just Heather and I again, our other friend bailed at the last minute. No biggie we still had so much fun. This time the kids didn't beat each other up, or kiss. WIN in our books. 

Alex decided he liked me and took a selfie with me. He also KISSED me. Heather said he isn't normally really affectionate. Another WIN for me.

Emma was so adorable. I said I was going to take a picture and she said cheese. When Mickey Mouse Clubhouse came on, she told me who each character was. 

Emma has spina bifida but is doing amazing. She was excited that my house was large enough, and clean enough that she could walk around.

Kayla (age 7) and Ella played most of the time in Ella's disaster of a room. They played guess who, Barbies, and shopkins. Ella loved having someone to play with that wasn't mom, or dad. 

Austin decided he wanted to go outside. He took my hand and walked me to the door. I told him he didn't have shoes and socks on. He brought me his shoes to put on him. It was so cute. We decided to get the kids ready and take them outside. Sunday was shockingly 60 in Ohio in January. 
For the most part they were good. Alex however liked to run the other direction, and Austin wanted to keep go visiting our neighbor who was outside doing yard work. 

I ended up getting Austin's little slide from the backyard to give the kids something to play with. They have a blast and were learning to take turns. 

Emma also enjoyed being outside and having more space to walk. She proved us wrong and ended up being able to walk in the grass. Everyday it is something new with this girl.

We had to get our group shot. The kids were tired and not all wanted to cooperate. Emma (2 1/2) Alex (17 months) Ella (5), Austin (18 months), and Kayla (7)

Then we had to include us too. Far from perfect. But shows how things never go as planned but are a blast. What did we expect all 5 kids looks at the camera and smiling. Plus Brian decided to pop in. (He was only home for about 15 minutes) 
Now to plan the next one for February. Which is easier said then done with sick kids, work and school schedules, and when I have Ella.

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