Meal Planning Monday plus dinner photos

I am loving being back to a schedule. Ella back in school 3 days a week, a workout schedule that I am sticking to, one day for laundry, meals at the table, and knowing what I am going to be making for each meal, or at least a guideline for it. Now if I could just get back into the swing of things of all the other house work, and working from home that would be awesome. In due time it will happen. I promise, little by little. 
On Sunday's (normally) I sit down and plan out my menu for the week. This makes it convenient for me to clean out the fridge and go grocery shopping. I went to our local Aldi's yesterday around 430pm. OMG can I say chaos. They had 4 lanes open with atleast 3-4 customers in each lane. However the food was stocked and I was able to get everything I needed. I may change up my grocery shopping day to either Monday or Tuesday when hopefully they will be less hectic. It wasn't horrible yesterday though since I went by myself. I enjoyed the time away childless. 

This weeks menu I switched up. Instead of eating the same thing everyday which we all know gets boring I did add a little variety. I am learning/playing with excel. Bare with me as each week it will hopefully be better. (like somehow I forgot to add Banana to my shake for Sunday)

I ate this delicious Chicken Taco Soup a lot last week. I forgot how much one thing makes. I had it atleast once a day, sometimes twice. I will post the recipe later this week.

OMG this was amazing. I made skinny orange chicken with quinoa and steamed broccoli. I should have made more chicken, Everyone, especially the kids wanted more. 

Does your family have a weekly dinner menu?

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