Mother Daughter Date

Ella woke up today in her mood. She wanted to have special time with me. She didn't want to include Austin. Sometimes this is hard with Brian's work schedule. We were able to make some time after dinner yesterday for some Mother/Daughter time. 
I gave Ella a list of 5 things to do/ places to go. One of them was to the library. I hate to admit. I have never taken her to the library before. When I brought up the library. She was excited. Lets go there, I have never been to the library. 
We get there and go to the kids area. There was a farm "house" with a horse that she had to ride. There was also a bull pulling a wagon and some other fun stuff for the kids to play on.

In the corner they had a felt wall. I imagine they change the craft with each season/holiday. Ella had fun making a snowman. She was so impressed that you didn't have to use glue or tape to stick it to the wall. Her only disappointment was someone had stolen the snowman's eyes. She improvised and used snowflakes. 

After playing for a little bit, we walked around and looked at the kids books. She picked out 4 she wanted to read. We found a couch to sit on and started reading. We read "Froggy's First Kiss" first. She had to tell me not to worry she was never going to kiss a boy. It was cute and innocent. (I never want her to grow up). We also started to read a My Little Pony reading level 1 book. She got distracted and wanted to go to stop #2 on our Mother/Daughter Date

Stop #2 Ella insisted on going to see fish. She was so content with looking at all the fish at the local fish store. She knew we weren't getting any new ones (our stupid sharks keep killing anything new we get) but enjoyed looking. We also looked at the snakes and lizards. She was good until one of the little snakes got to the front of the tank. She was then done. 
Ella also wanted to look at the birds, hamsters, and cats for sale. She asked if we could have a hamster. I told her maybe in a few years. (mental note I have to find out if Brian is allergic to them too)

After the pets store we stopped by World Market to get coffee and Ella got a chocolate egg with some little toy inside.
For the last stop of out date night Ella wanted to go to Target. We ended up getting ice cream sandwiches. How do you say no to a cute little girl, "But mommy it is date night" She wins every time.

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