New Year Goals

The New Year, holiday commotion, no routine... has all gotten the best of me. My year hasn't started off very well with car trouble, computer programs, news of 2 family surgeries, I could go on. I just really need a restart, but I know that isn't going to happen. Time to refocus and make this the best year possible.

I started this year with goals I want to do or achieve. I broke them down into different categories.
- Health and Fitness.
- Beachbody Coach
- Travel Agency
- Blog
- Kids
- Date nights
- Nightly Routine

The original plan was to start them on January 2nd like everyone else plans on doing. Well that didn't happen. Instead of waiting another year, or saying I will just start it next month. I am starting NOW. Today is day 1 of my New Year New You accountability group so what better time than now.

In no specific order;

Health and Fitness:
- get down to 120
- back into the habit of getting up early and working out before anyone wakes up(miracle morning)
- hit 10,000 steps everyday
- Drink at least 60 oz of water a day

Beachbody coaching:
- help atleast 3 people a month
- grow my business to Diamond by March 1st

- post 3-5x a week
- join 1 blog hop a week
- make some new blogging friends
- get 100 followers by June

Travel Agency
- Post more on like page
- read my e-mails not just delete them
- finish the Disney certified agent training
- book one vacation a month for clients

- do 1 craft a week
- spend more time playing
- spend more time outside
- cook something with Ella 1x a week
- get back into routine of reading a bedtime story at night

Date Nights
- 1 date night a month with Brian (NO PHONES)
- 1 date night a month with the family (NO PHONES)
- 1 mother/daughter day a month

Nightly Routines
- Read Ella a bedtime story
- wash and mositurize face
- take out contacts
- Read something I want to read for 10 minutes

Am I the only crazy one who made a huge lists of things I want to change/achieve this year? It is already the 2nd week or the year and some of these I have started working towards, others not so much. It will be a work in process.

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