Saturday Randomness

Life as a mom, working from home, working out of the house, plus blogging.... can be crazy and hectic and so much fun. There are never enough hours in the day, or days in the week to get everything done. One reasons I started back up blogging again is as a reminder of life. What we are doing, what we have done. fun, struggles, dates, food .... Some weeks I could post 10 times to cover everything I want to. Other weeks it is a struggle just to get 4 or 5 blog posts up. Today is just some randomness of things that have happened this past week. 

I know it is Wednesday when Austin is up on the chair looking out the window watching the garbage truck go by. Sometimes that is the only way I know what day it is. 

Isn't he just so cute when he is sleeping. Yesterday he was fighting a nap. It was already 2 oclock and I had to get my workout in still and get ready for a crazy hectic evening. He crawled up on the couch with his bottle and put himself to sleep. That doesn't normally happen. We normally cuddle for him to go to sleep.

We finally got our pictures back from the photographers for our amazing Beachbody event with Sagi "The Beast" It was an epic experience that I took so many amazing take away's from.

I have had two of these cute Mickey Mouse leggings for over a year now. I can probably count on one hand how many times I have worn both of them. Two of which have been in the last month. I am embracing my craziness and love of Disney and wearing them more. They are so comfy.

I live in Northern Ohio by Cleveland. We are behind in snow by over 16 inches by the average. I have a love hate relationship with snow. It is beautiful but I hate the cold weather that comes with it. But if it is going to be cold I better have snow. Come on Mother Nature I'm waiting. Mr. Weatherman lied to me the other day and said we were supposed to wake up to 3 inches in the morning. That doesn't look like 3 inches to me. 

This morning is just a Austin and mommy day. Ella is with her father and Brian is running around crazy with 3 different jobs. I enjoy our breakfasts and days just me and him. Now a brag moment. Look at how beautiful my egg looks. 

Isn't he so adorable. 

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