What's Up Wednesday

I know two posts in one day, whats wrong with me. I totally forgot about What's UP Wednesday blog hop with Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel. I also didn't realize it was already the last Wednesday of the month, Where has the time gone. 

What we are eating this week?

I posted on Monday our meal plan for the week. You can check it out HERE. We have changed it a little already of which day we are eating what.
M- Leftovers
T- Homemade Spaghetti and turkey meatballs
W- Tilipia, Brown Rice, Roasted Brussel Sprouts
T- Steak Fajitas 
F- Lakewood Police Banquet
S- Chicken, tomatoes, asparagus, red potatoes
S- Shrimp Stir Fry Brown Rice

What am I reminiscing about?

I have an addiction to Timehop. On today's hop was when Ella got diagnosed with Hand Foot and Mouth disease, that really turned out to be an allergic reaction to Amoxicillin. She may have had a horrible rash but was always in a good mood. 

What am I loving?

I am loving the love that these two have for each other. Multiple times a day they are cuddling and playing together. Today Ella was napping on the couch since she wasn't feeling well, Austin keep going over to her and giving her hugs and kissing and trying to wake her up.

What we have been up to?

Lots and lots of playing. and trying not to go nuts being stuck in the house this winter. We had a play date last Sunday you can read about it HERE. Yesterday Ella and I had a fun day, you can read about it HERE

What I'm reading?

I am trying to finish Fifty Shades Darker before I go see the movie in the theater. I had planned on reading PD book also this month but that isn't happening. 

What I'm listening to?

Pandora is my best friend at home. I have been limiting the tv time, or just having it on and no one watching it. Instead we have music playing. We listen to a lot of Disney Princesses music and country. We have dance parties quite often to. 
I am currently looking for a new book to listen to on Audible.

What am I doing this weekend?

Friday night Brian and I have an awards banquet to go to for him being an Auxiliary Police Officer. On Saturday we are trying to rearrange our schedule to go to the funeral for the Police Officer killed in a hit and run from Cleveland. I also need to clean and reorganize Ella's room again.

What I am looking forward to next month?

I don't even want to think of next month already. I am excited I am becoming certified to teach CIZE live next month. Plus doing fun activities with Ella for Valentines Day.

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