Friday Favorites

Happy Friday. It is a gorgeous day here in Northern Ohio. We are at 73 degrees in February. Who would have thought that was even possible. Normally this time of the year we have a foot of snow on the ground and the temperatures in the 30's. I have to say we are all loving this warm weather, but at the same time afraid for what the future holds. They are saying possible snow flurries tomorrow. AHHHH. Now lets all get sick again.
Time for some Friday Favorites with Narci, Erika, and Andrea.

This past Monday, being presidents day with no school for Ella, and no work for Brian we had a family day. We ended up driving to Michigan (only 2 hours) to go out to dinner. Long story short, we had gift cards to a restaurant that closed by us this was the next closest one. Road Trip. The were awesome in the car. After dinner we let me run around Cabela's before putting them back in the car for another 2 hour drive. This Cabela's had an aquarium with huge fish. My kids were just in love with the fish. 

I don't drink flavored jarred coffee often. I treated myself yesterday to a Starbucks Mocha coffee drink while we were out shopping. I came home and some little man decided he wanted some too. He liked it, who wouldn't duh. Don't worry he feel asleep on the way home anyways didn't give him a sugar high. 

Brian got Ella a wooden heart shaped basket that you have to make. It comes with the wood and nails to put it together. They had so much fun putting it together. Ella is so excited to have a little basket of her own in her room. She made one last year that she gave to me. 

Also this past Monday, Ella and I started off the day with some Mother Daughter time, I took her to the zoo for a surprise of fairytales and frogs. We had so much fun. I will be posting a lot of on this next week. But for now isn't she cute with her frog crown?

This morning before 9am it was already 62 degrees outside. I am not complaining at all right now. Even the the kids are loving it. I can't keep them inside (which is fine) 

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