New Month, New To Do

Hello and Happy February. I know I say this all the time. Where has the time gone? February 1st is officially here. Started my morning off right, got some reading done, a workout, and a hot uninterpreted shower. It was like heaven and no one work up. SCORE!!!! I'm sure you other mom's feel me on this.

January was a successful month. I got back into the swing of things. Got stuff organized, back on a schedule, and feel good about it. I see lots of green on my to do list for January. I got things checked off.
- I am on my final week of my new workout program, Country Heat. I can't wait to share my results. 
- I also continued to drink my shake everyday.
- I started my family binder, when I say start I mean did 2 things, but it was a start. 
- I am almost finished with reading 50 Shades Darker. I will have it finished by the time I go see the movie.
- I started reading the Compound Effect this week as my personal development book. I am loving it so far. I actually have read it before but this time I feel like it is really hitting home. 
- Organize the basement - that didn't happen. It didn't even get touched. I probably actually made more of a mess down there.
- Take the kids somewhere fun. I know we did something but I can't remember what. Mom moment.
- Date nights were all a success. As a family we went to Red Robin, Brian and I went to his Lakewood Auxillary Police Awards Banquet, and Mother Daughter date we went to the library and to look at fish at the pet store. Aubriella was happy. 

Since last month was so successful I made this months a little longer. With realistic to do. 

- Read magazines that come in the mail. I found like 4 from the last 2 months that were just sitting. I want to read them when I get them then get rid of then. No more clutter.
- Hit 10,000 steps a day. This is part of my New Years Goals and I have been horribly slacking. No excuses this month. 
- Finish reading 50 Shades Darker
- Decorate for Valentines Day
- Do a Valentines Craft
- Have a friends dinner
- Clean office (this is a start on the basement again)
- Clean workout space in the basement (little by little basement will get done)
- Finish family binder
- Finish Compound Effect
- Start new Personal Development book
- Read a new fun book
- Listen to the 12 week year
- Family Date night
- Brian/I date night
- Mother/ daughter date
- Friends date (either with kids or without)

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