Valentine's Day Decorations

I can't believe that Valentine's Day is next week. I waited until after February 1st to actually decorate this year, I know I'm slacking. We also went to a few different stores this past weekend to try and find some more new child-safe decorations and had no luck. I did however end up getting a few St. Patty's Day decorations. All out decorations are up, that are child-proof. I have some glass plates, and cups with hearts on them that I didn't put up. My little monster man would destroy them.
I love this wooden LOVE sign. I actually got it at the Dollar Tree a days after the New Year. (I should have done more shopping then). It is hanging and the first thing you see when you walk in our front door. 

Window clings, lots and lots of window clings. I have had these for probably 6 years or so and just keep reusing them. Ella helps me to decorate. Again they are put up high enough so someone little man can't reach them. He is a climber. 

Besides having a Disney fetish, I also love Frogs. I have collected frogs since I was probably 12 or 13. I have so many of them and no where to put them. They are all in boxes in the basement. These are all my Valentines Day, heart frogs. My favorite are the two sets in the back that are magnetically kissing. (I have no idea where Garfield came from) Austin and Ella play with these frogs and decorations all the time. Half the time the table is empty. 

Again with my frog problem. 

Back in the day I use to have a purse that matched this glass "candy jar" It was black and blue though. I carried it around everywhere with me. I would call it my boobs.

Who doesn't love the sight of fresh flowers. I wish we have them around the house all year round. I only buy them when the mood strikes me. I have had the frog, red heart, and red rose for years and needed flowers to go with them in the vase. My vase is also a heart shaped. 

Do you decorate for Valentines Day?

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