Valentine's Week Recap

The horrid sickness hit our house. Brian got strep throat back on February 6th. The by the 10th Austin was sick. I got the worst of it on the 12th. It took me until the 16th to really start feeling better. Now it is the 22nd. Where has the time gone. I got off track with everything from cleaning, organization, working out, blogging, everything. Starting to finally get everything back into place and flowing again. 

I ended up taking Austin to the doctor just to get checked out with him being sick. Luckily right after the doctor he started getting better. I was on a time crunch with getting Ella to school so I caved and gave the kids a treat of McDonalds. It doesn't happen very often, maybe a few times a year. It worked in my favor though of Austin eating some fries and apple slices, after not really eating much for 3 days. 

I have stepped out of my comfort zone again. I am now officially a certified CIZE LIVE instructor. I can teach CIZE LIVE anywhere. In the next few months I am planning on teaching somewhere atleast once a week.

The day after my CIZE LIVE training. I got horribly sick. I wasn't posting on social media, answering text messages, or awake much at all. However I somehow ended up with 132 new pictures that all look like this. 

Ella had her Valentine's Day party the Monday before Valentines Day. I had so many ideas and plans to do for her baggies and to give her teachers. It didn't happen. Luckily I had already bought bags, the cards, paper straws, and some candy that Brian and Ella could just assembly them really quickly. 

She came home from school with a lot of stuff. I was happy that this year none of the parents sent how elaborate Valentine's so Ella didn't feel left out. 

I luckily had gotten Brian and the kids something small for Valentine's Day before I got sick. Who doesn't love homemade, soft warm, cookies. Can't wait to try it. This one makes 4. 

I got Austin some simple Hershey kisses. This boy has turned into a chocolate lover. 

I got Ella a metal Frozen tin that came with individually wrapped chocolate. She was nice and shared at least one piece of chocolate with everyone. 

Brian left to go to work, or I thought he was going to work. He came back wit a bouquet of flowers for Ella. In her favorite color purple. She has theme in a cup in her own room. Brian also got Ella and I mother/daughter mani and pedi's. I can't wait to use them. 

Brian got me 6 chocolate covered strawberries and flowers also. 

The weather has been very weird and amazing the last few days. In Ohio in February it is normally cold and snowy. It is currently 64degrees and sunny. The kids have gotten out a lot to run around, play, and get fresh air. I'm not complaining. I will take it. It probably means March we are going to get a lot of snow.

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