Fairytales and Frogs

A little late on this post. On Presidents year ever the Cleveland Metro Parks Zoo has a Fairytales and Frogs party held in the Rainforest. This is the second time that I have taken Ella. This year the weather was gorgeous outside, I believe it was in the 60's, so it was more packed then last year. We still ended up having a blast.

In front of the rainforest is a statue of a monkey. It is tradition to get a picture with him. We got there a little before they opened and waited in a crazy line to get in. They had two "frogs" greeting the little kids while they waited. Ella wanted nothing to do with the frogs. 
Kids are also encouraged to dress as there favorite princess. Ella decided she wanted to be Minnie Mouse. 

Once inside the first princess we came across was Merida. She wasn't very talky. 

Next was Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty. She was talky, but very much so out of character. 

Rapunzel was so much fun. She loved Ella's Minnie Mouse Ears.

Rapunzel and Flynn were great. They were in character and played off each other.

Cinderella is great as always. She is the same lady every event at the zoo.

Ella playing with turtle through the class.

This year outside was a photo opp with Tiana and Prince Naveen. The camera they had wasn't working so we just used my phone.

Ella was so excited to see Pocahontas, even though I don't think she has ever watched the movie with me. When I ask her if she wants to watch it she won't. 

Ella loved the monkey's that were sitting on the other side of the glass. He would occasionally look at her. There was also a baby monkey that was so cute. 

This year they also had a story time with Belle. We arrived late, but Ella squeezed her way in and watched and listened.

Color time

Ella made a frog crown and a star wand. She got so made when we got home and Austin ripped the ribbon off her wand.

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