Girls Night and movie review

A couple of weeks ago we finally got the chance to have girls night. It was a much needed fun night out. We had originally planned on going out to the movies to see 50 Shades Darker the weekend it came out. We waited until the last minute to get tickets and they were sold out. We ended up going to one of the girls house and watching the movie there. 

I love my friends. Sometimes we go months without even talking, then get together and it seems like it was just yesterday that we had last seen each other. 

Now my sister on the other hand. She didn't get the memo to do a funny face.

I may talk to her numerous times a day, well through texting, and our sons are 1 month apart but it seems like we never see each other. 

We are the four musketeers. We always say we are going to get together more often, but it doesn't happen the way we want. But when we do get together we have a blast. 

Now onto the movie review.

I have to start by saying I just finished reading the books so they were fresh in my mind. I had also rewatched the first movie in the last month. 

If you watch the movie without reading the books or having expectations, it really isn't a bad movie. If you watch the movie and don't remember all the details of the book, it is still good. If you remember everything that happened in the book and watch the movie, it is just an ok movie. There are a lot of major details in the book that was left out in the movie. However that is to be expected for any book that is turned into a movie. To include everything that was in the book, the movie would have to be atleast 5 hours, and who really has time to sit and watch that, or the patience. 

I was a fan of the movie and can't wait for the next one to come out in 2018. I will be seeing that one in the theater. 

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