Happy March

Happy March. February was so wonderful to us, I hope March is the same. In Ohio we had gorgeous weather, a few record breaking days in the 70s, and lots of sun. Hopefully March treats us just the same if not better, and not drop 3 feet of snow on us. 
New Month with a wonderful new to do list. February was a so/so much of achieving what I had put down on my to do list, but overall it was a successful month. Lets recap
- Read Magazine then donate I put them in the bathroom as soon as I get them, read them, ripe out the articles/recipes I want to keep, then donate the magazine
- Hit 10,000 steps a day I got sick for a good week and just lost track
Decorate Valentines Day had it up for a few days then took it down and put up St. Patrick Day
- Finish 50 Shades Darker also watched the movie
- Do Valentines Day Craft Had a fun craft planned for Ella, then I got sick and it didn't happen
- Have a Friends dinner Had Brian's friends over last Sunday. It was nice to have adult converstations
- Clean office It is useable, but not necessarily clean
- Clean workout space in basement New space set up and have already been using
- Finish Family binder I am getting closer to being finished. I had however start implenting the cleaning schedule
- Listen to 12 week year on audible This one was a hard listen. The readers voice I could not get into
- Read fun book Started one, but didn't finish
- Family Date night Went out a road trip to Michigan to have Lone Star
- Brian and I date night Did not happen
- Mother Daughter date We had a couple just Mother/daughter times
- Friends date Had a wonderful girls night and chit chatted plus watched 50 Shades Darker

Now onto March in random order, ( I will organize and make my list and hang it on the wall later today)
- Finish 21 Day Fix
- Start new program
- Do Miracle Morning
- Help 5 people
- Do 30 day push challenge (Chalene Johnson Push book)
- Do 21 Day Pilates Challenge ( put on by the Balances Life)
- Track every penny spent (goal from last pd book)
- Monday Jar craft
- Taxes
- Plan Disney Cruise 2018
- Plan vacation this year
- Disney Travel agent training
- Read 2 personal development books
- read fun book
- 40 bags in 40 days (lent project, more details later)
- Family date night
- Brian and I date night
- Mother daughter ate
- Kids play date

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