The Lorain County Metroparks, Carlisle Reservation Visitor Center is hosting a fun event for Dinosaur lovers of all ages. It is just $3 for a few hours of fun learning, interacting, and playing with dinosaurs. (kids under 3 are free). From April 8 - May 7, so you still have time to go check it out. Daily from Noon until 6pm.


Ella isn't huge into Dinosaurs, like Claudia is, but we thought it was be a fun surprise to do. We went last Friday, the last day of her Spring Break. It was a little crowded inside but once we got outside it was nicely spread out. Ella ended up having a lot of fun and talks about going back. We have thrown around the idea of going back again before it closes. 

We started off inside. Right when you walk in the door was a Dinosaur staring at you. Ella liked him at a distance but was a little scared of him when she got closer. 
I should probably have started off by saying I am not a Dinosaur person. Never really have been. Yes I grew up watching the Land Before Time a million times with my sister but not much beyond that. I can't name off the type or anything, but I am fine with that. I know I will learn a lot more once my kids get in school and I have to help them with stuff, (or I send them to my sister for anything Dinosaur related)

Throughout inside there were different Dinosaur displays. You will notice that Ella always poses and has her hand on her hip and Claudia just smiles. Can you tell which one is a Diva?

The girls stood at this poster for a good 5 minutes pointing out the different types of Dinosaurs. Claudia corrected Ella on a couple. It was cute. 

There were replica skeletons. 

Plus a replica of a T-Rex head. Ella was shocked by how big it was. 
Also inside was a craft area and a movie that played on repeat. The girls had no desire to do either of those and they were also pretty crowded so we just skipped it. For younger kids there was a play area, Claudia and Ella were to tall for the area so Austin didn't get to play either. 

Next we ventured outside. There was a little paved path that went in a circle that had animated Dinosaurs with descriptions and facts along the way. 

I was a little nervous at first that Austin would be scared but the animated Dinosaurs, but he did awesome. They didn't faze him at all. He really liked them.

He even sat up to look at them, stared and pointed. 

There was this Dinosaur that was in the water with a bridge going over it. Claudia was scared of it at first because it was in a different spot from when she had seen it a week before. 

Ella was surprised that a Dinosaur bone was almost as big as her. 

Austin talked to this Dinosaur. 

They saved the T-Rex for last on the little animated trail. There was a momma and a baby. 

The T-Rex was Austin's favorite one. He kept looking up at it. Maybe it's because his middle name is Rex?

After the little trail, there is a 1/2 mile trail that is also paved that you can walk that has facts about Dinosaurs along the way. The girls had no desire to learn anything, they just wanted to run and smell flowers, and look at the water. 

The kids has so much fun, both girls keep asking to go back again. I love little fun affordable family activities. 

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