Saturday Randomness

It has been a fun filled week with lots of changes going on. (More on that coming soon) I worked on getting more pictures of Ella too.

3 days a week I drive Ella to and from preschool. Most of the time Austin takes his nap in the car. We get to the preschool a few minutes early. Instead of going in we sit in the car and talk and play on SnapChat.

I walked in Ella's room the other day cause I heard her laughing. She was playing with her play doh having fun. 

This little girl is a true mini-me. A monkey wild child all the way around. While at my parents house the other day she kept climbing across the top of bar of there swing set, and hanging upside down from the support bars. I use to do the same thing, but the swing set we had when I was growing up was a lot more sturdy then this one.
Austin loves to swing and goes WEEEEEE!!!!

Ella decided to join me out back the other day while I was taking a few quick photos and wanted in on the pictures too. 

Ella helped make pancakes with cookie cutters the other morning.

I have turned into a gymnastics mom. Ella started gymnastics two weeks ago and is loving it. If she had the choice we would be going everyday. She only goes right now one day a week for an hour a day. 

Thursday night we had family movie night. Ella picked to watch Planes. Austin feel asleep hugging me 15 minutes into the movie. Ella feel asleep about 30 minutes into the movie. Don't ask me what happened cause I wasnt watching very well. It did remind me a lot of Cars. 

On Good Friday since all the kids were off school we planned a play date. We ordered pizza, the kids played inside, outside, and back inside. Heather brought 2 of her 3 kids, one was at home running a slight fever due to getting his 18 month shots. Sarah brought Claudia also. Austin took a late nap and didn't last the whole play date. He feel asleep cuddling on the couch.

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