Cinderella Ballet

Last weekend my sister and I took our girls to go see the Cinderella ballet, put on by North Pointe Ballet at Hope Community Church. It was a first for all of us. It will be a new tradition, the girls are already talking about going to see the Nutcracker. 

Before the ballet we went out to dinner. Our original planned location had a longer wait than we had scheduled for. Instead we went with out backup, McAlister's Deli. 

It was our first time dining in there. The service was amazing, they were great with the kids, and the nicest people we have dealt with in a long time. 

With the change of plans for dinner, we had more of a quick service, but fresh meal instead of a full out sit down restaurant we had time to spare before the ballet. I decided the girls deserved to walk around the Disney store for a little bit to waste some time. They had been good at dinner and were told they weren't buying anything. 

The girls were so excited when we arrived at the ballet. 

Sitting on the table when we walked in was a pair of real ballet slippers. Both girls were so excited to see real ones for the first time. 

On another table was the option to buy candy, drinks, apparel, and these cute silver painted chocolate carriage suckers. I just had to have a sucker, even though I won't eat it, but it went to a great cause. All the proceeds went to the North Pointe Ballet

When you walk in they were hanging out the booklets with all the details. Ella loved having one of her own and wanted me to read most of it to her. 

Before going in they had these beautiful flower arrangements hanging out the wall. Means we needed some photos. Ella picked her dress herself and said I had to match. This pink and orange shirt was the closest thing I had. We had originally planned on wearing our blue matching dresses. However it ended up being cold and rainy so we changed our minds. 

Here is my niece Claudia, and sister Sarah. 

We had second row center seats. The couple in front of the girls were also short so the girls had no problem seeing. (Ella wanted Whoopers) Both girls did amazingly well for it being there first time to a ballet, where you had to be quiet and the seats flipped up so they had to sit still. 
After the show we talked with the girls, what they thought, if they would want to go again, there favorite parts. The conceses is they had a blast. They also both now want to talk ballet lessons. 

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