Many Projects and To Do's

Spring was here. The past few weeks in Northern Ohio have been beautiful with warm weather, sunshine, flowers blooming... The past two days complete opposite. Dreary, wet, windy, cold, lack of sunshine. Take me back to the nicer weather please.
Along with the warmer weather means more time outside and more house projects. We have already started out to do list, and working on some of the projects.
But before I get into all of that lets recap last months To Do List.
In March my list was a fail, in April it was even more of a fail. I am determined to make May better.

Help 3 People
Do Miracle Mornings
Finish Chalene 30 Day Push
Continue Max 30
Establish Morning workout routine

Easter Craft
Read 1 pd book
Read 2 Fun Books

Finish 40 Bags in 40 Days
Plan Vacation (family)
Plan Vacation (romantic- Brian added)

Family Date Night
Kids play date
Mother/Daughter Date
Brian and I date

Here is my list for May:
Help 3 People
Establish Morning Routine
Establish Night Routine
Start/Continue Workout Program
Finish 30 Day Push Book
Start Garden
Paint Shed
Paint/Stain Deck
Prep Basement to finish
Read 1 PD book
Read 1 Fun Book
Read Magic of Motherhood
Family Date Night
Kids Play Date 
Mother/Daughter Date
Brian/I Date
Ella/Mommy/Daddy Date

Do you do a to do list every month?

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