Saturday Randomness, Holiday Weekend Healthy Tips

I haven't done a Saturday Randomness in a while. I have so many fun memories I could post, here are a few. 

One of our Mother/Daughter day dates we both wore our Minnie Mouse hats. I have been wearing my hat more and more. 

Ella offered to vacuum the other day. I couldnt' say No. 

Last week my back was bothering me and Austin decided to put his lunch in his hair. Ella decided she was going to help me give him a bath. She then told me to go away and did it all by herself. She is such a little mini-mommy.

She will always be my mini-me. Stealing my shake while at preschool drop off.

A few weeks ago we were are BJ's and I found this huge Mickey Mouse on clearance after Easter. I put it in the cart next to him. I was going to buy it but he deiced to throw it on the ground 3 times so I changed my mind. 

Last weekend Girls Night In. Love my girls for a good fun laugh.

 I have an obsession. We went to two different stores to buy these. They were on sale buy 1 get 1 free. I was originally looking for the Snow White flag, but our stores didn't have any. 

Red Nose Day

Everyone loves my boots. Who doesn't love cutting the "grass" while wearing mommy's boots. 

Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday weekend. Here are a few tips to staying on track with your health and fitness while enjoying your weekend and holiday parties.

1- DON'T use the weekend as your rest day. Instead get your workout done early,  and get your blood flowing. You're more likely to make healither choices.

2- Drinks lots of water, and limit alcohol. Water will not only keep you hydrated, keeps you fuller longer. Plus you won't feel as bloated and don't have to worry about having a hangover.

3- Have a plan. Plan on only having a cheat meal, not a whole cheat day. Eat balanced healthy meals before and/or after your get together.

4- You don't have to to eat everything. Try a few bits of a few things. Don't over stuff your plate. Focus on fruits, veggies, and lean protein when possible. Limit dessert to 1 small piece. 

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