Candy, Candy, Candy

Who doesn't love Candy??? Old candy that you can't find anymore, new candy, chocolate, jelly beans, a wall of PEZ dispensers, so much candy and more. B.A.Sweetie is a local huge candy store that you can find pretty much any candy your heart desires. We walked into this store the other night and didn't realize it closed in 10 minutes, we walked around real quick and said we would have to come back another time when they were not closing. I hate to be somewhere right at close, possibly making them stay open longer or keeping them from doing closing duties so they can go home. That's what happens when you work in the service industry for 14 years.
We did not drive to B.A. Sweetie just for the store we actually went there to try out their new Mini Golf course. When we got there they had a corporate challenge group finishing up, so we had to wait about 20 minutes before we could play. We checked out the candy store real quick then stopped in their soda shop and got some ice cream.

The Soda Shoppe is so unique with all their decor. Ella loves the seats that were made out of milk jugs. The table we sat at had a swing as bench and she loved that too, but wouldn't sit still and made it hard to eat and color. The tables were also lined with paper and had a bucket of crayons. 

I had an amazing delicious strawberry smoothie. 

Ella got her usual for anywhere we go, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. It was very minty but she ate it all.

Brian got a rootbeer float. The soda shoppe has over 100 different sodas to choose from. (all of which come in bottles and you can buy from the candy store also)

We finally got to do our mini golf game. They have two courses, a easy and a hard. Since Ella was with us and this was her first time ever playing mini golf we went with the easy course. 

This was her first swing. Even though she is left handed she still wanted to swing with her right. She did awesome. 

Brian is also left handed and does everything right handed except eat and write. He helped her out with a few of the harder holes. 

She had so much fun and did so well for her first time. Towards the end she got bored and stopped really trying, but that was expected. It was also past her bedtime. 

Throughout the course the theme was candy. There was a PEZ water fall, a jelly bean tree, lollipops, ... it reminded me of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory. The staff was awesome. This really is a place I would recommend to everyone to check it out and we will surely be back. 

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