Family, Fun and Fathers Day

The last 11 days have been crazy busy and went by like a blur. But there was lots of fun, love, get togethers, ice cream, and taxi written on my forehead. I am glad we are finally back to normalcy and have planned today as a rest day. However rest day doesn't happen very well with two wild kids. 

This past weekend was so much fun. Saturday morning started off with both kids wanting Brian. This doesn't happen very often that they both want him. Ella is usually a mommy's girl. When this happens it needs documented. It was a great start to Father's Day weekend.

We decided we wanted to check out a local farmers market. We also had no coffee at home so we had to stop somewhere. Ella decided she wanted a donut so off to Dunkin Donuts we went. It was a treat and I promise you it won't happen again anytime soon. All around was a bad experience with drinks being messed up, rude customer service, donuts dropped in the bag so when you picked it up there was no frosting on the donut it was all in the bag. Brian managed a Dunkin for 7 years, I worked there for 6, this is no way acceptable. (this was not a location who we know the franchisee) 

Later on Saturday we had a huge birthday party for Brian's dad. He turned 85 and had all 7 of his kids fly in from all over the US. (Washington, Colorado, Kentucky, Maryland, and the other 3 are local) 

They had baseball tees made with their names and the year they were born. It was a cute surprise.

Both kids did great while we were at the party. Austin willingly went to his uncle Anthony who he normally doesn't like. 
The kids played in a blow-up pool, played yard games, and had fun. 

I tried this for the first time. OMG is it good but can get you in trouble. It goes down way to smooth and tastes like a red, white and blue Popsicle. 

Father's Day was another memorable morning. Again both kids wanted Brian. 

For fathers day Ella helped me make a mousepad on SnapFish. We just had family pictures done a few weeks ago so it worked out perfect. Ella picked out the layout, pictures, words, and background.

I ordered Brian this grill pizza pan from Pampered Chef from an online party I added a few weeks ago. I can't wait to try it out this Friday for homemade family pizza night.

Brian got two dad shirts. He got this Super Dad shirt and a Mickey Mouse #1 dad shirt also.

Last thing he got was a Best Dad Ever mug that Ella picked out all by herself. She can be very cute at times.
After presents Ella's father picked her up. Then Brian, Austin and I went out to a late breakfast with his family that was still in town. For dinner we were at my parents house. We ended the night at Brian's parents house for dessert before I had to pick up Ella. 
All in all in was such a fun, memorable, loving weekend. It was great seeing all of Brian's family which normally only happens once a year if not every other year. 

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