June Carpool Book Club

Happy Thursday and Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!! Up early got my workout done, getting my blog post done, answering emails, all before anyone else is awake. Now time to go get Aubriella from her dads and see what the day awaits.

Joining in Grace and Love with her monthly Carpool Book Club recap of the books we have read each month. This month I didn't read to much. So much other stuff going on.

The personal development I read was Fearless and Fabulous by Cara Alwill Layba. It was such a motivating inspiring quick read.

Summer of Secrets by Jodie Andrefski. This book what nothing like I expected, maybe I should have read the full description first. It was hard to get into it at first, but ended up liking it. It is not my typical read.

My girlfriends and I have our own little book club. Our original book we were supposed to read for June was Someday Someday Maybe by Lauren Graham. We all agreed after trying to read the book it wasn't our kind of book. We all got like 25% in and just couldn't do it. I love Lauren Graham as an actress. But this book wasn't her thing, at least for me.

We moved on quickly to our next book The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena. OMG it is a must read, can't put it down, story lines twists, plot thickens kind of book. I read this in less than a week, and I am not normally a fast reader. 

Since we read the first book so quickly we started our second book right after our discussion. Into the Water by Paula Hawkins. It was a hard read at first, I got confused a lot. Each chapter is from written by a different character. After a few chapters in you start to figure our who is who. Halfway through your hooked and can't put it down. I can't wait to discuss it with my girlfriends in the next few days.

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  1. The Couple Next Door was a fast read for me too. I enjoyed it. I'm hearing a lot of confusion for Into The Water. I think I might sit that one out. I really liked her Girl On The Train so I'm torn. Stopping by from Carpool Book Club:)


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