My First 5k

I got suckered into running my first 5k ever last weekend. I say suckered as I had talked about doing it, then another commitment came up, then that commitment I wasn't needed for so at the last minute I signed up to support my family. I ran the Pancreatic Cancer 5k Run at the Cleveland Metro Parks Zoo. 

Since it was last minute I didn't have time to physically prepare and be ready to run 3 miles. We always go for walks and I knew I could walk 3 miles with no problem, plus there really wasn't much of a time limit to be able to do the 5k in. I however did message a girlfriend who is big on running and doing 5ks to get some pointers. She relieved so much stress I had before hand.
I started off my morning with a light breakfast of a banana and almond butter and blackberry sandwich (pb&j) and lots of water. (no coffee) Before the race I did a shot of energize (hence the yellow tongue) and was ready to go. 

I prepared Austin as well with a banana for breakfast, milk, water, his diaper bag full under the stroller with snacks and toys. Towards the end he got hungry and I stopped and gave him a snack to hold him over. He did really good and enjoyed just looking around and getting attention from the other runners. We did stop also and look at reindeer's that were next to the path that you normally don't see later in the day. 
Having Austin in the stroller was an added struggled but also made it that much more of motivation. The course of the 5k was very hilly and an amazing leg and butt workout. We took out time per-say but got it done. 

I am proud of myself and got it done in 51 minutes and 49 seconds. My goal was to get it done in an hour. The group I went with average time for the 5k was about 35 minutes. I don't feel like that is to far off and with being prepared (and possibly not having a stroller) I could get my time down too. I did run and walk during the course and pushed myself. 

I loved doing the 5k and can't wait to do another one. Next time I want to prepare more and see what time I can really get. I would also love to do it with someone who can push me and stay at my pace also. This 5k was Austin and I at our own pace as everyone else ran ahead. 

I proved to myself you can do anything you put your mind to. You may never really be "ready" you just have to do it and push through. 

*** I did a 5k Color Run about 5 years ago with a group of girlfriends. We honestly walked the whole time so I don't consider that a real 5k****

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