One Giant Step Backwards

I feel like I have taken a giant step backwards. Time to be completely honest. Since becoming a stay at home mom, I have been lazy and off my game. I haven’t felt energized, I have been sleeping in most days, the house work has been minimal, play dates few and far between, craft time yeah right, date nights non-existent, …. But I have no one to blame but myself. I had the best intentions of what I wanted to do every day, achieve with my home business, and what I didn’t want to do. I wouldn’t say I am 100% doing what I didn’t want to do, but I am on the wrong track. I feel like at times I am failing at being the best version of myself, and a stay at home mom. I'm supposed to be able to do everything right? I know that isn't true but at times it seems that way.

I honestly love being home with my kids and have no desire to go back to work and drama that is associated with working outside the house. I will say I feel less stressed and sleep a lot better. Ella’s attitude and behavior is 90% better. Austin has gotten to a better routine (now if we could only get him to sleep in his own bed). Brian’s work is doing amazing and I feel like he is less stressed with having to find a sitter at the last minute. Plus, now we only need to find a sitter for important fun stuff. During these few months that I have been a stay at home mom, we have done so many things, and saw so many family and friends that I wouldn’t have been able to if I was working.
Time to get back to being happy and loving myself. You can’t expect to take care others, and love others entirely, if you don’t love and care yourself first.
 I listened to a podcast the other day that talked about what your kids will remember about you when they are older. Do you want them to remember you always in a bad mood, always yelling, not happy? No, you want them to remember the good times, the fun times, and being happy. The little things that they notice that you may not realize you do.

I started today with a new mindset, a new positive attitude, a game plan, a to do list, and achievable goals. Yesterday I prepared and planned for my week ahead. I pulled out my family binder to get organized again. Making changes one stop at a time for me, my kids, and my family.
- Workout done ✔
- Personal development done ✔
- Meals planned out ✔
- Fun planned ✔

Also set back up my workout space downstairs. The sticky notes are each days workouts for this program. (no need to search for what program to do next). I have a couple of girls in an accountability group doing 21 Day Fix with me. Helping to motivate me, keep my accountability, giving added support... Want info on my next accountability group or need extra support lets do it together. Message me. 

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