Tooth Fairy Visit

Aubriella is growing up way to fast and showing changes everyday. I knew she had two loose teeth, but I was in denial that they would ever fall out. ( I know, I know it had to happen eventually.) I thought I would have a few more days or weeks. Last Friday was the day. She keep messing with it and she pulled it out. 

She was all excited beforehand that it was loose and she wanted it to come out. Until it happened. Ella saw all the blood (that I didn't warn her about beforehand) and she flipped out. There was lots of tears, lots of blood, and lots of comforting going on.

Once it stopped bleeding and she calmed down, she was on top the world. She wanted to call and tell everyone, take a million pictures, FaceTime anyone who would answer, and shot it from the rooftops. (She had to tell all 3 of her gymnastic teachers, and the lady at Rue 21 who you could tell didn't have kids) 

I rushed to make a "tooth holder" for Ella to put her tooth in for the Tooth Fairy and where the tooth fairy leaves the money. I found some hard felt paper that would do the trick. I glued it together, put some wiggly eyes, and a mouth on it and he was good to go. The glue I used didn't hold up very well but it did the trick for the time being. I now really need to use the hot glue gun or come up with a different tooth holder, before she looses her second tooth that is already loose.
For it being her first tooth the Tooth Fairy left Ella a glittery $5. The original plan was to spray the money with the glittery hairspray. Then I found out the can was empty. :( Onto plan number 2, nail polish. (Yes this is probably illegal, but the things we do for out kids. I only did a few stroke) All other tooth's will only be $1. 
Ella woke up and found her money under her pillow. She then told me I had to buy her a wallet to put her money in, she couldn't use her money to buy the wallet or she would have nothing to put in her wallet. She is a smart cookie.

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