Friday Favorites- Birthday Boy Edition

** Yes I realize this is posting on Monday morning. I have tried posting this multiple times with no success (obviously). I am ready to throw this blog out the window and start over somewhere else. It has been giving me nothing but trouble lately. But atleast here it is. Better late than never. 

Happy Friday, friends. I am happy my computer is finally being my friend again too. For the last two days it wouldn't let me post. Yesterday it did a full on update of some sort and took almost 3 hours, but at least is it done and I am back. I have a jammed packed weekend. Tomorrow is Austin's birthday party at our house. Today and tomorrow morning will be cleaning, organizing, doing yard work, and decorating to get ready. 

For now its time for Friday Favorites with with ErikaNarci, and Andrea. This week is all about Austin for the past year. He is turning 2 tomorrow. My little man is growing up and I am not ready for this. Lets take a look back at some highlights from the last year, the good and the bad.

This was at his 1 year check out. By the time he was 1, Austin was walking/running everywhere and already turning into a wild man. I love his facial expressions.

This was taken in August. He is such a cute little elf.

I just love his smile. He is normally such a happy baby.

For Halloween last year I dressed Austin up as Mickey Mouse to hand out candy with me. 

Represending Disney with his Mickey Mouse hat and O-H-I-O State in his onesie.

The day before pictures with Santa, Austin cut open his eye lid. We took him to the emergency room and got it glued and butterflied closed. He was still a trooper for pictures though. 

This was the last time Austin wore the Kermit outfit (it got to small) and the only time he actually smiled for me wearing it. (I have a frog obsession)

This year Austin was not a fan of the big scary Easter bunny. 

It melts my heart the love these two have for each other. At the most random times I will look over and they are cuddling. It melts my heart.

He is a water baby. He loves to be in water, weather it be in the pool or bathtub. (expect for him to soak you either way)

Austin has a love for animals. His best friend is my parents dog Macey. He loves to give her kisses and hugs. He even calls just to facetime her.

I can't believe Austin is going to be 2 tomorrow. Where has the time gone. 

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